Welcome to Avalanche – Launch Day!

The Avalanche Rebels are a small group of games writers with a focus away from your average game site’s daily news grind. Here, we intend to provide editorials, articles, and reviews with a more personal touch. We realize that writing about games is subjective by nature and want to embrace that personal view of how we enjoy our mutual hobby. We’re game enthusiasts, not journalists. This is games writing.

The content posted here is presented from the view of the players themselves. The way you see games. The way we experience them together as we share our passion of gaming. This isn’t a fansite or your typical blog but rather a collection of writers who want to speak from their hearts about any gaming subject– from topics questioning how games and subsequently gaming culture come together, to a discussion of whatever events in the world of gaming come to be. Don’t expect regular daily posts, but check back once a week to catch up and join in on our latest discussions and insights into whatever gaming subject comes to mind.

Most of us have previously written for other sites and been featured around the web, so some of our back catalog of editorials and reviews have been reposted here with permission to get everyone started and have content for people to explore. As of May 1st, the site is officially launched with the start of new content being posted!

We’d also love to have interaction. Every page has a comments section where we welcome a civil discussion about the subjects at hand. Please join in and together we can grow a fresh community together. Forums are easy enough to add to the site, so if a demand is drawn from the readers, they may be included to further a discussion and perhaps have discussions about the site’s format and direction. With the help of reader interaction we also hope to have successful Twitch streaming nights in the future where everyone can get together and talk with the site’s writers while enjoying a tournament in Mario Kart 8 or something of the like.

We don’t care if we only have a couple dozen regular readers of the site so long as there is productive interaction through comments and such. We could have a million clicks a day and, to me at least, it’d be completely pointless without reader interaction. Please, we encourage you to speak your mind (civilly) in the comments. It’ll make our day.

Our reviews don’t have scores, either. At the end of a day, a game review (and game ‘journalism’ as a whole) is just telling you what product to buy and why. We’d like to change that if we can. We know it’ll always be the bottom line of reviews but it’s our hope that we can discuss what makes a specific game enjoyable or not. If a game is an absolute pile of rubbish, we’ll call it out. No dancing around the issue to please fanboys or developers, they’re critiques of an artistic work and should be done without ulterior motives. As part of that, we don’t want to group reviews into petty boxes with a number scale. A game that would otherwise be ignored because it’s a 7/10 on a site would still be loved by many people despite its flaws. People who would see that 7 and immediately go to another page. Hopefully our reviews going forward will be something a tad different from that standard, but still help you decide if it’s worth your time. One player’s trash is another player’s favorite game.

Hopefully we’ll let the site define itself in time but until then, let’s let our voices be heard, together. And above all, let’s have fun on a new game discussion platform. We’re craving something different than the banality of the average game news site, aren’t you?

Let’s embrace this idea together.

If you’d like to write for the site, please let me know! Leave a comment or hit me up on the official twitter page, linked in the right sidebar!