Still Think the Female Gamer Majority Only Plays Mobile Games?

Think again. 2015 has become a controversial year for the great debate of whether or not women are actually ‘gamers’, or just casual plebs who stick to Candy Crush on their phones. Despite several studies in recent years disproving that stereotype, ranging from the ESA’s annual report to more independent ones by people like Ashly […]

Mother is on Virtual Console and Why That’s a Big Deal

At the start of yesterday’s Nintendo World Championships, we were all hit with a major surprise, introduced by Shigesato Itoi. EarthBound Beginnings, better known as Mother or EarthBound Zero in the west, was announced for immediate release on Virtual Console and introduced in a very personal statement by the game’s creator. The game itself was […]

Top 5 Uses of Surround Sound on Super Nintendo

This article was originally published on It was later posted on my personal website, This week’s Throwback Thursday is doing a little something different. How different? Well, did you know that the Super Nintendo was capable of surround sound? Strange concept, right? Believe it or not, that little SPC700-powered powerhouse was capable of […]